Hatha Yoga Classes near Basingstoke

Hatha Yoga classes with Jacqui Morris in the Basingstoke, Bramley , Monk Sherborne and Sherfield on Loddon area.

Classes in Basingstoke

Yoga Classes in Monk Sherborne, Sherborne St John, Sherfield Park.


Private Yoga Classes

I have now created a space in my home to work with students individually or two.


Yoga Retreat

The magical destination of Kervelli Village on Samos Island is ideal for a yoga retreat.

Yoga is a great way to improve flexibility, strength, balance and restore calm. Jacqui teaches traditional yoga, aligned with her own learning from her gurus, whose lineage come from Sri Krishnamacharya one of the most significant Yoga Masters of his time, from Chennai in India. Traditional Hatha Yoga draws on ancient texts which have been practised for thousands of years, and these practices are intended to help all practitioners to improve health, and maintain balance within the body.

Jacquis classes are based on these teachings and incorporate movement, breathing, and meditation aimed to include everyone who attends her classes.

When you harness the power of breathing with movement it changes the entire focus on the body. How often do we stop and watch the breath?

Yoga can bring complete health to every aspect of the human body.

My classes are taught in the traditional way, including asana, pranayama and relaxation techniques. I believe that we need to work with the whole body and mind to promote a sense of well being. I use these ancient Yoga techniques that have been around for thousands of years.

All Classes are suitable for anyone, whether beginner or advanced and aim to provide a safe and fun environment to learn.

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  • Private one to one tuition is also available in my home studio.

Hatha Yoga with Jacqui

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To find out more information then call on 07539 432228 or contact me for further details.


Jacqui is a Hatha Yoga Teacher in Hampshire in both the private and community sector.  She has been involved as a teacher, trainer and consultant in the Health and Fitness Industry for over 30 years gaining much experience as a Health Care Professional.