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Here’s what people have writen about our classes….

Jacqui’s classes include the Asanas (poses) but she also incorporates the Yogic philosophy and spiritual side, which gives you a better insight to the true meaning of Yoga.

Her way of teaching caters for all ages and abilities and her enthusiasm inspires you.

Thank you Jacqui, you have changed the whole way I think about life and I am a much happier person as a result. Keep up the good work.

Linda Stanley

More Testimonials

Some more of the nice testimonials people have left about AbFab yoga.

I joined Jacqui’s group classes as although I was a good regular walker I was struggling with un-stretched muscles resulting in discomfort. I found the classes a very enjoyable way to improve my stretching, in a fun, yet professional environment. My discomfort eased very quickly. Jacqui can tailor yoga -and some other practices - in order to suit individual needs. Highly recommended


I asked Jacqui if she would teach a class to my family as a Mothers day gift and she agreed to do so on Sunday 3rd April. I have four children ranging in ages plus my husband James. This is what they all thought:

"My first ever yoga class was brilliant! Jacqui made it fun and challenging, and it was perfectly paced for everybody in my family. Highly recommended" (James - Father)

"We had a fantastic afternoon of yoga with Jacqui together as a family. It was fun and relaxing as Jacqui led us through lots of interesting positions at a lovely pace, adjusting the flow for our varying abilities. we all left feeling relaxed and beaming!" (Sara - Mum)

"Yoga was a great way to exercise, let of any steam and bond as a family. It ticks a lot of boxes" (Joe - 17 ) (Student)

"The yoga class was equally relaxing as it was challenging. I enoyed being conscious of my breathing and how it affected my movement. I felt so vitalised after the class." (Grace 22) Student

Sara Forde

I had been looking for a yoga teacher for a couple of year before I finally found Jacqui. Her classes have helped me learn to listen to my body and mind each day to know what is needed. Knowledge that I can take away with you without feeling like you've been made to learn it. The classes are always fun, never overtly formal yet well structured and planed out, as well as being a real social high point in the week. I miss them when term is out.

Alan Dicker

I cannot speak highly enough of Jacqui's yoga classes, having casually done yoga classes around the country over the years, I've never experienced such a caring, well-balanced and structured course of classes. After trying out a taster class, I subsequently signed up for the term. From the moment you enter one of Jacqui's classes, there's a warm smile and a genuineness and certainly no ego's or competitiveness. The smell of incense welcomes you and a warm welcome every week from Jacqui herself. She plans the classes around a certain theme, 'routine', 'breathing' etc and incorporates a good balance of relaxation, warm up, careful and precise yoga moves, hand mudra's and ends with a wonderful meditation and relaxation (we even had a little gift of a short shoulder / neck massage with China Gel - amazing!). I have arthritis and fibromyalgia and I was nervous about taking on a yoga class due to my health and ability. I've never feel pressured or conscious of not being able to do many of the moves due to my own limitations. Jacqui always discretely suggests more comfortable moves which I follow. I'm so happy to have found Jacqui's classes. She's genuinely a wonderful lady who's helped my painful days feel a bit brighter, more focussed and calmer. Thank you

Lindsay Game

Thank goodness the Universe has given me Jacqui! Her classes are almost a necessity in my life: they bring a sense of peace and calm so needed in a busy life. I am a therapist and it is easy to give of oneself and not pay attention to one’s own needs. Jacqui is always offering us new ideas and assanas which may take us to our limits but she is there to support and encourage and even, sometimes, to say don’t go beyond your limits. She is just wonderful.

Sally Killingback

I have been with Jacqui since she first started teaching Yoga. Her warmth and enthusiasm is infectious and she makes every class enjoyable for her students. I would highly recommend Jacqui's classes to anyone who wishes to exercise in a calm and dignified (most of the time!) manner, ending with very welcome relaxation.

Anthea Spurrier

I have been taking Jacqui's Yoga classes for some time now & will continue to as has given me rewarding benefits which has changed the way I feel & think, the concept of mind & body as one which is important to me. Jacqui's teaching style is tailored to personal needs, she is very mindful, caring & encouraging. I love Jacqui's classes & am glad to know her. Thank You xx

Nesha Patel

I've been doing yoga for over 20 years and have had a variety of teachers. Jacqui is up there with the best. She cares about all her students, is attentive and well informed but most of all she is enthusiastic. Jacqui tailors her classes to the needs of the pupils and always makes us feel special. She encourages and nurtures us and the yoga retreat in October 2012 was one of the best weekends of my life.

Chris Horton